Corporate Social Responsibility – Elshadai Orphanage Home

We had a revisit to Elshadai Orphanage Home in Maguga area, where we donated blankets and cloth face masks in plight of the Corona Virus Pandemic. We also demonstrated and emphasized on how to wear, wash or sanitize your hands before and after removing your mask.
Corporate Social Responsibility is embedded in our philosophy, Our main aim is to increase social impact and influence on the environment and in people’s lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is embedded in the business philosophy of Construction Associates. At CA, the business operations and processes are designed in a way that they do not become an obstacle or a burden in the way of people’s and the environment’s wellbeing. CA strives to increase its social impact and influence on the environment and in people’s lives.

Construction Associates is aggressively involved in core skills training or hands on training to local citizens through the engagement of personnel from outside Eswatini to enhance skills development in management and supervisory positions. Our company has already , and will continue to train, mentor and provide guidance and opportunities to EmaSwati  to engage and grow in leadership and managerial supervisory positions , enabling them to have a clear role of leadership by managing and overseeing projects on site and staff under them. Our skills development strategy is further demonstrated by a training programme that has been running for the past 12 years which includes providing in -service training for student pursuing qualification in construction related fields.

Our employment aligns with empowerment of Eswatini skills and development with a representative of 80% of the human capital employed to be Eswatini citizens. Our recruitment not only focuses on local recruitment but takes into consideration gender and disability equity of   local skills and abilities to perform as primary recommendation to effect both on site and in -office, remarkable success. This is demonstrated by the curriculum vitae submitted at the tender stage of the project that indicates an inclusive skill set with a variety of Eswatini management, technical, skilled and unskilled labour.